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“Jiu Jitsu is the vehicle. Not the road.” ― Chris Matakas, My Mastery: Learning to Live through Jiu Jitsu

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  • Ip Man Wing ChunIp Man Wing ChunDescription: Sifu Jiason Foong, an instructor of Malaysia International Ving Chun Kung Fu Federation (MIVCKFF)and World Ving Chun Federation (WVCF)as well known. He has been recognized as The Best Instructor of Year 2010. This Federation Since was founded since 1990 i ...City: Tags: , , ,
  • ONG Ming ThongONG Ming ThongDescription: Tai Chi Chuan (Taiji Quan) and its applications (pushing hands) with ONG Ming Thong. Training of other traditional Chinese martial arts is available for Southern Sao Lim Kun (Shaolin Quan), Hsing I Chuan (Xingyi Quan) and Pa Kua Chang (Bagua Zhang). In ad ...City: Tags: , ,
  • PERSATUAN YONGNIAN TAIJIQUAN JOHOR BAHRUPERSATUAN YONGNIAN TAIJIQUAN JOHOR BAHRUDescription: Taiji Classes: Everyday at Junction of  Jalan  Rusa 2 and Jalan Rusa 4, Taman Century, Johor Bahru. from 7am - 8:30am Every monday & thursday at Jalan Molek1/8, Taman Molek,Johor Bahru. ( Children playing ground) from 8pm - 9pm Master/Instructor: M ...City: Tags: , , , ,