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  • Ampang Fencing CentreAmpang Fencing CentreDescription: Ampang Fencing Centre is Malaysia biggest and most Modern Fencing centre. Where sparring is frequent. I(The Master) make it my mission to transfer my winning knowledge to you and make you to surpass your own expectations in fencing time and time againCity: Tags: , ,
  • Keat Kuching (Filipino Martial Arts)Keat Kuching (Filipino Martial Arts)Description: Filipino Martial Arts - Blade & Sticks Systems (Double/Solo Baston) -Empty Hands -Self-Defense (one to one tutor) Beginners - 3 months probation Intermediate - Level 1 to 6 Advance - Level 7 to 12 Queries are welcome for serious martial artists.City: Tags:
  • Konigun Ninjutsu IndonesiaKonigun Ninjutsu IndonesiaDescription: Konigun Ninjutsu is an 800 year old discipline rooting back to the Kyoto prefecture in Japan, where it was taught to a fujitive by the Yamabushi war priests. It is one of the most powerful and effective martial arts on the planet, still preserved in its t ...City: Tags: , ,