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"Cry in the dojo. Laugh on the battlefield." - Author unknown

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  • MERICAN MUAY THAI GYMMERICAN MUAY THAI GYMDescription: We are an authentic Muay Thai Gym in Mont Kiara catered to meet your fitness needs. We offer classes for kids & adults as well as competition training for advanced students. Please contact Dzianti Merican at 012-3300280 for more information.City: Tags: , , ,
  • BOXX WARRIORS MUAY THAI GYMBOXX WARRIORS MUAY THAI GYMDescription: Located in kedah and teach Muay Thai. Trainer is brough in from Thailand. With own professional boxing team. Professionals from foreign countries and locals get to train with themCity: Tags: , , , ,
  • EMBO MUAY THAIEMBO MUAY THAIDescription: EMBO Muay Thai is a traditional Muay Thai system. We are more on training for Kid , Woman Street Defense and not for competition. Come discover your own "secret weapon" learn EMBO and defend yourself "ONG BAK" style! Open for training irregardless of yo ...City: Tags: , ,