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Talent search continues for karate
April 12, 2015, Sunday   MIRI: The search is still on for more Kata and Kumite athletes to represent the state in next year’s Sukma to be hosted... More detail
Send the Malaysia Kendo Team to the 16th WKC Japan
Help the Malaysia Kendo Team by sending them to Tokyo, Japan for the 16th World Kendo Championships! "15th World Kendo Championships, Novara,... More detail
Coach expects great things from his karate kids
Wednesday April 8, 2015 PETALING JAYA: Coach R. Puvaneswaran is expecting bigger things from the national back-up squad after their creditable... More detail
Ismma perkenalkan seni silat Hang Tuah
MELAKA 19 April - Institut Seni Malaysia Melaka (Ismma) akan menggiatkan usaha memperkenalkan seni silat Laksamana Hang Tuah kepada masyarakat yang... More detail
Temerloh jagoan silat
isnin, 20 april 2015 Kuantan: Kontinjen Temerloh dinobat juara Kejohanan Silat Olahraga 5x5 Pahang di Kompleks Belia dan Sukan Negeri, baru-baru... More detail
Tubuh persatuan pulihara silat cantik
19 April 2015, Sunday KOTA BHARU - Persatuan dan koperasi seni silat cantik perlu ditubuhkan di negeri ini untuk berperanan dalam usaha memulihara... More detail

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